Princeton is an alternative, relationship lender that provides versatile financing to both large established borrowers as well as emerging platforms.

We form lasting relationships with our borrowers, providing reliable and efficient solutions to support a wide range of opportunities and meet financing needs across the spectrum. The flexibility we offer to our borrowers stems from our unique creative loan structuring capabilities and our experience as borrowers and real estate operators ourselves. We know what truly matters for the asset and avoid bureaucratic and trivial processes often found with traditional lenders. While facilitating our borrower’s business plan, we concurrently design each loan in a manner that ensures long-term security and preservation of capital to provide strong risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Princeton offers competitive products including transitional, bridge, inventory, mezzanine, land, and construction loans. Our capital markets capabilities allow us to provide financing to a diverse range of asset classes and US markets with certainty of efficient and swift close.

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Top 10 primary markets with a concentration in the New York City MSA.